diogo has the biggest dick ever...u wish u were fucking him
its 10 inches long...fuck me diogo
by sally April 20, 2005
Top Definition
A very small south american boy who gets lots of females.
Hey! Its Diogo!
by P May 15, 2003
a fun funny random person who is jokes!!!
caution may do random Pillsbury doughboy impersonation.

also is sometimes good at stareing contests...in other there may be a 50 in 100 chance he would win.
that guys such a diogo!
by meeland May 03, 2008
A typical name in São Paulo, Brazil, which is the equivalent of James in English and Jose in Spanish. Being Brazilian, this dude is the typical football (soccer) enthusiast. He can be very charming. He uses his innocent boyish-type looks and intelligence and charm the ladies.

A Diogo is a typical name for a Brazilian athlete or lawyer.
Oh look at him, he's definitely a Diogo!
by IamtheonewhoknowsEverything August 22, 2011
someone extremely smelly who claims to be a last-century gay and has a tendency to imitate a dog when accompanied by nice people
Woof woof! Diogo
by I_win_ahah January 15, 2011
a hot and sexy brazilian guy whow loves laura and lives to skate and be with laura.
yep thats diogo
by Diogo December 13, 2003
diogo is sex. i want to fuck him. i had 6 of his children. he is so hott im melting. woohoooooooooo
omg im going to fuck diogo tonight and give him head in a bathroom at UA
by sally April 20, 2005
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