the adjective form of dinosaur. looking, smelling, feeling, sounding, or tasting, like a dinosaur.
your boobs are SO dinosaurous.
by KIRRA March 24, 2005
Top Definition
n. An animal believed to have lived in the ice age. It is unknown whether this animal is still alive today. It is a species of penguin. It looks like your average emperor penguin, but it has spots the resemble very closely to a giraffes skin. It also carries other characteristics of a giraffe, such as a five foot neck and 12 inch tongue.

This animal is commonly mistaken for some type dinosaur. It is in no way a reptile or related to any type of dinosaur.
Dinosaurous was once the ruler of its penguin species, but now nobody knows whats happened to it. My theory is that it separated and evolved into the average penguin and giraffe we know today.
by Mr. Phillip March 08, 2011
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