word used to describe something that is old
"Why don't you get a new cell phone? The one you have is a fucking dinosaur."
by swiss February 14, 2005
This world now has only got 2 meanings in China.
1. a kind of creature that do not exist long time ago
2. a kind of creature that still exist now and will always be there--ugly woman( either in face or in figure)
And it seems that the 2nd meaning is much more used in daily life because man talked about women much more than they talked about biology.
And it seems that there are only two kinds of women in China--either godess or dinosaur, it seems that the trend is: if you are not beautiful enough, althogh you may have other stengths, you will probably be called a "dinosaur" as you walk around may scared others in the street!
But do not ever say "dinosaur" in front of a girl's face, or she may be so angry and turn into a real beast and bite you!!
-men always say: a born dinosaur is not your fault, but to show around in the public and scared every one is your fault indeed.

-how's your new coworkers, denny?
-they're a bunch of dinosaurs!
-poor danny, bad luck...
#dinosaur #biohazard #girl #beauty #ugly #ugly woman #china #chinese
by A.Gleitta February 14, 2007
A reptile who walked the earth millions of years ago

a 80s dance song -do the dinosaur
a tyranosaurus rex a bronciosaurus
by hig February 24, 2005
finger fucking. is fun. lolllllllllll.
sally was dinosaured by johnny three times, actually four, in the past two days.
#finger #fingering #hand job #sex #third #second #base
by horny teenager January 20, 2008
The origianl name of a great rock band
who decided to change it to Dinosaur Jr.
Dinosaur Jr was a great rock band.
by die-nough-soar June 26, 2003
An extinct reptile that roamed the earth, but those weird kids who think theyre cool like to pretend that theyre dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are cool, so they pretend to be a dinosaur because the think it'll make them cool.
"RAWr im a dinosaur"
#synonyms:people #bacon #common mispellings: dinosausage.dinkisoar #dinobasour #and disblodanaur
by emmix July 07, 2006
A baller & pimp that kicks ass in basketball...
Dinosaur broke their ankles
by huy April 17, 2004
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