giant deformed lizards that died when a comet blew up planet earth one. presently in planet earth two the experts believe these dinosaurs all went to hell because they were never baptized and they also ate eachother. a large ratio of these demon lizards also had horns and/ or wings which some believe were now related to the giant horned bat. some dinosaurs that lived in water blew up to.
Tyranosaurus rex- known to be related to lenny from of mice and men hes the really stupid big one that everything.

Brontasaurus- known as the "freaks" of dinosaur culture due to their long "necks" which were connected to their "heads"

Terodactyl- most difficult dinosaur to spell out. coolest dinosaur as well as well as the ugliest.
by Mr. Biig Brain Archebold February 27, 2010
a predator generally affiliated with drunkenness and hooking up on beds
elise is a dinosaur!
by little foot 1112 March 11, 2011
A DINO-saur is a conservative "Democrat In Name Only", also known as 'Blue Dogs' who despite belonging to the Democratic Party do not share its progressive ideals and when push comes to shove vote against those very ideals.
DINO-saurs might as well be Republicans, because many voted against the Health Care Bill (HR 3962 - The Affordable Health Care for America Act), even though both President Obama and a majority of Democrats favored the bill. They're at heart conservative and Democrats in name only.
by SFProgress November 08, 2009
used to describe the position of the body of someone who is standing straight up while puking. Their neck is strained foward, and their hands end up in some sort of T-Rex claw position
TOM:Steve you puked while we were at the bar last night you idiot.
STEVE: Oh yea?
TOM: Yea, but you you were also doin the best dinosaur i have ever seen.
by Rozz Greaze June 11, 2007
to be so poor that you stop being able to buy lotion and you grow scales
yo dog, i hope i don't lose my job, or i might fuckin dinosaur !
by Kuzya=Gosha October 11, 2008
A person who follows a group around and eventualy gets some kind of mean rejection from the group.
Derek your such a fucking anyoing dinosaur!
by sebastiano July 12, 2005
A nickname commonly used in Halo 2 for the covenant elite. Noobs, nubs, modders, and players that just like to mess around are usually the ones most often the ones who play as a dinosaur. The covenant elite i called a dinosaur because: 1. It has a big head, making it easier to snipe in most cases. 2. When it is killed or wounded it makes a loud dinosaur-like yell. 3. It has big feat. 4. It has sharp teeth. 5. It has a wider body figure, making it easier to shoot. 6. It has dinosaur-like hands. Modders on Xbox Live sometimes use the dinosaur to fly across the map and spawn kill to raise their rankings in matchmaking, or be fun (or just plain annoying) in custom/arranged games. The dinosaur in the campaign mode can vary in difficulty to kill depending on the set difficulty but are usually harder to beat than drones, hunters, grunts, jackels, and brutes. *SPOILER* In the Halo 2 campaign the elites and the arbiter join the human side during the ending parts of of the story. There are also heretic elites that appear earlier in the game. There are two types of character skins you can play as in multiplayer: a spartan or a covenant elite AKA the dinosaur. To change the skin go to settings, then go to the profile settings menu, and then go to appearance.
"Oh my god dinosaurs! Kill'em all!"
"What kind of NuB goes into a sniper match as a dinosaur,wow what a retard."
"What the f*** I f***in hate modders! Freakin dinosaurs!"
RandomGamer1 "Wow noscope headshot!" RandomGamer2 " Dude, it was a dinosaur. You don't even have to scope to kill something like that, its hard to shoot it without hitting that huge head!"
by Liquidy March 11, 2007

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