the word "Dinosaur" is slang for Heroin...

(not the syringe and not the "a band or belt that one would use to make their veins more visible")

Calling heroin the "dinosaur" came from an earlier slang used for Heroin "Tar". It's a common belief that dinosaurs became fosil fuel or "tar-like" over millions of years... The La Brea tar pits (in Los Angeles, CA) is an example.

The other slang contributing to the use of the "Dinosaur" meaning heroin is the saying "monkey on your back" referring to any addiction controlling you.

In the song Pool Shark by sublime Brad sings "tying on the Dinosaur tonight. ...use to be so cool."

Here he is referring to how his recreational heroin habit had grown into a full blown uncontrollable addiction. Describing his "monkey" as a "dinosaur" he had on his back can be interpreted many ways.
Brad was acknowledging the enormity of his problem, his increasing consumption, his inability to control it and also acknowledging the fact that all heroin addicts face extinction every time they get high... extinct a dinosaur.
Tragically poetic!

The "tying on" or "tying off" is slang for the process of finding a vein to shoot up or more so ...the complete ritual of shooting up any drug to get high... but I digress.
I'm gonna shoot that "dinosaur" tonight.

Lyrics from "Pool Shark" by Sublime

"I like lying naked in my bedroom
Tying on that dinosaur tonight
It used to be so cool...
But, now I got that needle and I can shake
but I can't breathe.
You take it away but, I want more and more
One day I'm gonna lose the war."
-Brad Nowells (1968–1996)
by Skull Duggery July 19, 2011
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The greatest, most diverse and successful class of land vertibrates ever, believed to have originated sometime in the Triassic about 240 million years ago, and disappearing around 65 million years ago. Gods among animals, and awesome testaments to the power of creation (or evolution, if your must insist that these words be mutually exclusive) they were physiologically superior to mammals and gave rise to birds.

Often our society shows a disinterest with the phenomena of the dinosauria, approaching paleontology with a "they're dead, who cares" attitude. They are also ridiculed for having "died out" when they in fact persisted a period of something like 160 million years--more than 40 times longer than the time elapsed since the earliest human anscestors appeared. Even the word "dinosaur" has a deprecative connotation, implying something that is outdated or obsolete.

Stop for a moment to consider that these animals did, in fact exist, and are not the chimeras of children. This writer would maintain, however, that anyone holding the view that an interest in dinosaurs is nerdy and childish deserves to have his or head bitten off by a Charcharodontosaurus.
Lots of kids my age got hooked on dinosaurs for a while--it was a childhood disease, like mumps or chicken pox, and if left alone, most kids recovered and then had a lifetime immunity to dinosaurmania. But I was that rare exception, a terminal, chronic case.-- Robert T. Bakker, "The Dinosaur Heresies"
by Killing Kittens May 18, 2004
Really big bloody reptile thing that used to live a long long time ago and they ate eachother and said "rawr!". Sometimes there were boring dinosaurs that were small and/or ate plants because they sucked. However some of them could fly and stuff, which was awesome. They also said "rawr".
Dinosaur 1: "I am going to eat you all up! Rawr!"
Dinosaur 2: "Oh no!"
by Mr Fantastic June 05, 2005
Ancient creatures that died out because you touch yourself at night.
Peter: "Why did all the dinosaurs die out?"
Museum Curator: "Because you touch yourself at night."
by Sunrise Hinode April 25, 2006
The term dinosaur refers to a band or belt that one would use to make their veins more visible when injecting something.(herion)
Lying in my plasic bed
thinkin how things weren't so cool to me
My baby likes to shoot pool
I like lying naked in my bedroom
Tying on the dinosaur
tonight it used to be so cool
by stephen May 30, 2004
most awsome anmal that ever lived
t-rex dinosaur
by tim sander August 15, 2008
The newest thing for all the scene kids to like.
"I'm Alex-souras Rex! Let's go use our fake dinosaur names, go see a show, make fun of everyone there, and dye our hair even more black! SC3N3 KiDS UNiT3!"
by KarenRotten October 30, 2005
The best animal known to man kind they are not extinct like many think they are just in the witness protection program much love for these fantastic animals=]
I will be a dinosaur for halloween forever and ever until i die becuase dinosaurs are awsome=]
by freada August 15, 2007
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