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The avocado of the prehistoric age. Green and often bumpy, the dinosaur means "Terrible Lizard". Just like the avocado; a terrible fruit. Dinosaurs are large reptiles, but many believe the CIA simply buried their bones to discourage time travel. It has worked, because obviously I haven't met Elvis yet. Curses.
I am not frightened of that 19 foot to 20 foot T-Rex dinosaur, because of its relatively stubby arms, despite its reptilian flare and tail intensity.
by Rawr Expert April 14, 2011
5 2
1. a person or organization with very old-fashion values

2. something obsolete, especially a machine
I don't think that dinosaur will help us much.
by The Return of Light Joker July 16, 2011
2 3
jesus's puppies
jesus: rex, fetch!!
dinosaur: ROOOAARR!!!
by jesushadpuppiesto February 15, 2011
1 2
A neeky person who is overly-fascinated by the sciences and spends more time with their calculator than on facebook. Rather than being embarrassed by their enthusiasm, a "dinosaur" is proud and they often distinguish themselves to others of their species by performing a "dinosaur dance" with their hands shaped as claws, often in public places.

Notable dinsoaurs would include Ross Geller of Friends and distinguished engineer Catriona McGill.
"ahhhh mate your such a dinosaur"
"Gosh, catriona is such a dinosaur shes whipping out the claws, trying to attract some scientists!!"
by madlibs88 April 27, 2010
5 6
A.K.A a very old scooter with green wheels that you can hear coming from far away because of its loud squeaking.
A:There comes that chick riding that old dinosaur
B:Where i dont see any one?
A: I can hear them coming!
by nillajenn-jenn July 20, 2009
2 3
a very old person, most commonly a teacher.
not only is mr. garcia a pedophile, he's a dinosaur!
by teresaxlove August 26, 2008
9 10
Something old and slow to the point of obsolescence.
Don't bother buying that game for my brother. His computer is a dinosaur and cannot run it.
by AbnormalBoy April 16, 2005
22 23
The act of being drunk and high simultaneously
Yeah dude, she's a dinosaur
by A2huronpolo April 09, 2011
0 2