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The avocado of the prehistoric age. Green and often bumpy, the dinosaur means "Terrible Lizard". Just like the avocado; a terrible fruit. Dinosaurs are large reptiles, but many believe the CIA simply buried their bones to discourage time travel. It has worked, because obviously I haven't met Elvis yet. Curses.
I am not frightened of that 19 foot to 20 foot T-Rex dinosaur, because of its relatively stubby arms, despite its reptilian flare and tail intensity.
by Rawr Expert April 14, 2011
A very strange creature that can eat plants or meat.
Person 1- Hi my names Frank Knopke
Person 2- Hi Dinosaur
by a person genius September 06, 2013
A liar.
You are such a dinosaur.
by Shadestreak December 22, 2010
the new thing for all the 'scene' kids to like. ohh great, jeez, they take everything- sweatbands (used to be for runners y'know who do exercise and get sweaty!), geek glasses (used to be for people with bad eyesight, now a pisstake). Now the dinosaurs. oh christ.
scene kid 1: oh em gee! aren't dinosaurs like... totally the cutest!! raaawrr! XD
scene kid 2: oh yeah! raawwr im a dinosaur!! x

scene kid: arent dinosaurs the best!! rawwr :P
non-scene kid: *under breath* oh god not the dinosaurs what next? *normal voice* yeah.. no shit sherlock
by gutentag:) May 03, 2010
Old men that check young girls out or hit on them.
Old man: Hey, would you like me to buy you a drink?

Young girl: Ew! Go away you dinosaur!
by pmgn January 15, 2010
Adj; Antiquated, Old, Low-Tech or Ancient
VCR's are dinosaur now that we have Blu-Ray DVD technology
by Shadow of Intent June 09, 2009
An elite in halo that has an enomourse back to beat down, a head that sticks out that is easy to snipe, and just plainly the ugliest face in the world. They are mainly used by nubs and bks.

Dino for short
Dude i totally sniped that dino back there in the head what a nub.

Dude we have a dinosaur on our team! We are going to lose!
by FFA Trash August 03, 2007
jesus's puppies
jesus: rex, fetch!!
dinosaur: ROOOAARR!!!
by jesushadpuppiesto February 15, 2011