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The avocado of the prehistoric age. Green and often bumpy, the dinosaur means "Terrible Lizard". Just like the avocado; a terrible fruit. Dinosaurs are large reptiles, but many believe the CIA simply buried their bones to discourage time travel. It has worked, because obviously I haven't met Elvis yet. Curses.
I am not frightened of that 19 foot to 20 foot T-Rex dinosaur, because of its relatively stubby arms, despite its reptilian flare and tail intensity.
by Rawr Expert April 14, 2011
The best thing in the universe.
Oh my god, Dinosaurs! *love*
by Emmi_OMG January 21, 2009
1) A reptile that lived millions of years ago in the Mesozoic Era

1) The dinosaur circled around its prey, waiting to strike.

2) The dinosaur slashed into the side of a skyscraper and picked up several people and ate them in one bite.
by draco45 August 12, 2011
prehistoric creatures, often have a penchant for eating rich lawyers on secluded costa rican islands.
John "holy shit theres a dinosaur stood next to you car"
tim "holy shit! there IS a dinosaur stood next to my car!"
*throws shoe at t rex*
"oi! get off my freakin car!"
by jakjof[ofhrlfk August 07, 2008
the word "Dinosaur" is slang for Heroin...

(not the syringe and not the "a band or belt that one would use to make their veins more visible")

Calling heroin the "dinosaur" came from an earlier slang used for Heroin "Tar". It's a common belief that dinosaurs became fosil fuel or "tar-like" over millions of years... The La Brea tar pits (in Los Angeles, CA) is an example.

The other slang contributing to the use of the "Dinosaur" meaning heroin is the saying "monkey on your back" referring to any addiction controlling you.

In the song Pool Shark by sublime Brad sings "tying on the Dinosaur tonight. ...use to be so cool."

Here he is referring to how his recreational heroin habit had grown into a full blown uncontrollable addiction. Describing his "monkey" as a "dinosaur" he had on his back can be interpreted many ways.
Brad was acknowledging the enormity of his problem, his increasing consumption, his inability to control it and also acknowledging the fact that all heroin addicts face extinction every time they get high... extinct ...like a dinosaur.
Tragically poetic!

The "tying on" or "tying off" is slang for the process of finding a vein to shoot up or more so ...the complete ritual of shooting up any drug to get high... but I digress.
I'm gonna shoot that "dinosaur" tonight.

Lyrics from "Pool Shark" by Sublime

"I like lying naked in my bedroom
Tying on that dinosaur tonight
It used to be so cool...
But, now I got that needle and I can shake
but I can't breathe.
You take it away but, I want more and more
One day I'm gonna lose the war."
-Brad Nowells (1968–1996)
by Skull Duggery July 19, 2011
A very old fashion, outdated , relic from the past thinking.
You are still using that old dinosaur phone?!!!
by Ketam August 05, 2009
A very strange creature that can eat plants or meat.
Person 1- Hi my names Frank Knopke
Person 2- Hi Dinosaur
by a person genius September 06, 2013