The avocado of the prehistoric age. Green and often bumpy, the dinosaur means "Terrible Lizard". Just like the avocado; a terrible fruit. Dinosaurs are large reptiles, but many believe the CIA simply buried their bones to discourage time travel. It has worked, because obviously I haven't met Elvis yet. Curses.
I am not frightened of that 19 foot to 20 foot T-Rex dinosaur, because of its relatively stubby arms, despite its reptilian flare and tail intensity.
by Rawr Expert April 14, 2011
an old person living in a new world.
That dinosaur has sweet baby blue shoes on. Why doesn't he just Die.
by smeagal December 23, 2006
a now extinct creature that had once walked the planet. scientists have theorys of how they became extinct.

emo//scene kids usually like this animal && call it a "dino".
they will use it as a name on their myspace or screen name.
they will have cartoon pictures of dinosaurs on their myspace also.

personally, its my favorite animal, along with the giraffe. :]
tyranosaurus rex
stego saurus

an emo//scene kid may combine a type of dino saur and "rex"
e.g. brontosaurus rex;; stegosaurus rex;; etc.
by RAWRR its Erikkka May 07, 2006
Dinosaur, or for short, Dino, was originally the great animals that roamed our earth from the Triassic period to the Cretaceous millions of years ago.

Now, the mighty creatures have been reduced to nothing but a idiotic scene fad.
"Rawr! I'm a dinosaur! They're so like omg cute!"

I do not know how scene kids... well... communicate would be the appropriate word. I'd have to lower my IQ by several points to probably get it right.
by Zimlyette May 07, 2009
Ancient people at your work place that are usually bitter and old that need to retire.
I would love to move up in seniority but the dinosaurs will never leave.

How long has she been with the company?
Oh she is one of the dinosaurs, she has been here forever!!!!
by AmyJo May 18, 2006
An old man who preys on young girls; the male equivalent of a 'cougar'.
D-I-N-O-S-A-U-R a dinosaur
D-I-N-O-S-A-U-R a dinosaur
An O-L-D M-A-N you're just an old man
Hittin' on me, what?
You need a cat scan
by KissNTell January 15, 2010
The dinosaurs could have died out from a meteor or an ice age. but the real reason they died out was from having to much oral sex. this period of time was called the felacious period. dinosaurs would engage in oral sex at every oppurtune moment, instead of having regular sex to continue the population. it wasnt all in the same species sometimes the larger dinosaurs would be plaesured by the smaller ones in what was known as 'interacial hardcore midget gangbangs'. This theory is supported by all the dinosaur skelotons that have been found in the 69 position and also why there are no dinosaurs left today. the mating call most commonly used by dinosaurs was "do you want a blow job?" the reply to this was normally "yes, you bitch"
tyranosauros with a diplodocous (thunder lizard) engaging in oral sex, tricerotops asks "can i join to?" orgy insues, dinosaur orgy that is
by Jon2 September 07, 2006
the word "Dinosaur" is slang for Heroin...

(not the syringe and not the "a band or belt that one would use to make their veins more visible")

Calling heroin the "dinosaur" came from an earlier slang used for Heroin "Tar". It's a common belief that dinosaurs became fosil fuel or "tar-like" over millions of years... The La Brea tar pits (in Los Angeles, CA) is an example.

The other slang contributing to the use of the "Dinosaur" meaning heroin is the saying "monkey on your back" referring to any addiction controlling you.

In the song Pool Shark by sublime Brad sings "tying on the Dinosaur tonight. ...use to be so cool."

Here he is referring to how his recreational heroin habit had grown into a full blown uncontrollable addiction. Describing his "monkey" as a "dinosaur" he had on his back can be interpreted many ways.
Brad was acknowledging the enormity of his problem, his increasing consumption, his inability to control it and also acknowledging the fact that all heroin addicts face extinction every time they get high... extinct a dinosaur.
Tragically poetic!

The "tying on" or "tying off" is slang for the process of finding a vein to shoot up or more so ...the complete ritual of shooting up any drug to get high... but I digress.
I'm gonna shoot that "dinosaur" tonight.

Lyrics from "Pool Shark" by Sublime

"I like lying naked in my bedroom
Tying on that dinosaur tonight
It used to be so cool...
But, now I got that needle and I can shake
but I can't breathe.
You take it away but, I want more and more
One day I'm gonna lose the war."
-Brad Nowells (1968–1996)
by Skull Duggery July 19, 2011

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