Any object which could be used to shit on and then eat off of. (actual plate, bed, carpet, etc.)
Marc, "Hey Jared! I just prepared a feast for you on your dinner plate. ENJOY! :)"

Jared, (while eating the shit off of his bed,) "Mmm! Thank you so much, Marc! This is so delicious!"
by Biggest May 19, 2006
What you call the unusually large nipples of a Male.
God Damnit, Roger really needs to quit wearing White shirts, his Dinner Plates are so big you could have a 5 course meal on them.
by Hobbes6969 February 24, 2012
Dilated pupils due to Ecstasy use.
"Nice dinner plates mate.", the bouncer exclaimed as he lifted the rope and let me through.
by Fuschia 1983 January 30, 2008
spinners on a ryde that take up the entire rim space unable to see the actual rim behind spinner spinners
you mayng,check dem dinner plates on that 84 cut,dem thangz match the color of da car!
by Ted April 02, 2005

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