D inner
D inn er
D in er
D in her
Guy1: "Hey man, is she bothering your again?"
Guy2: "Yeah, she wants d'inner but I've been busy at work 24/7..."
Guy1: "Well, you've gotta eat anyway right?"
Guy2: "Huh? No, i'm not talking about dinner, I'm talking my 'D' in her."
by Johnny Ledge June 21, 2016
a phrase or tag word used to describe something you like. used similarly, like the tag words: hot, kick, huge and awesome.
i was into him like dinner.

damn boy, those new kicks are dinner. where you get that shit at?
by mirks May 07, 2009
The French word for the evening meal
Lets have dinner
by Christian G.. October 01, 2008
a slang word for penis
yo tommy! suck my dinner!!!
by dinner man December 17, 2010
1: A meal generally in the evening

2: A less obvious way to talk to another person of the male varitey about a female about there attractiveness

3: Used in before "Dersert" to descibe a woman of ememplary beauty or particulary dirty looking
"Look over there mate! I'd go to her to dinner!" (I eat the shit out of her)
"Look at that dinner!" (PHITTT!)
"Look at that dinner! I'd go back for deserts!"
by Naughty Sam December 28, 2009
what your girlfriend made me after i slept with her
your girl made me dinner last night
by the cliford December 06, 2006
To dine with a frenchman in the dark.
He passed a good dinner with Pierre.
by hippiechimp November 08, 2003
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