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1. A dinner john is a man (or woman) who is lacking in looks, personality, or the ability to understand that sexual favors can not be purchased with one or more dinners with a dinner whore.

2. A dinner john is a man who buys dinner for a dinner whore who is hoping to raise his sexual market value SMV by being seen in public with an attractive, charming woman (or man).

3. A dinner john is someone who is too gutless to visit a prostitute because he can't seem to get laid and is tired of jacking off. He wants to get laid and tries to do so through buying dinner for a woman -- any woman -- who will go out with him.
1. The dinner john had invested at least $1,000 on dinners over the past six months on Sally, the dinner whore, but she still wouldn't have sex with him.

2. While Jim, the dinner john, was having dinner with Monique, the dinner whore, Marilou walked by the table at the restaurant. When Marilou saw Jim with Monique, an attractive woman, Jim's SMV went up in Marilous's estimation.

3. Dinner johns would be much better off just going to a prostitute for sex. Don't forget your condoms!
by MsLi January 14, 2006
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