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A Dinner Dog is the sort of guy who will cut a man's grass without care or consideration. The term can also be applied to anyone who eats food, typically a dinner, belonging to or designated for consumption by another person.
Sullivan, i was saving that leftover pizza for later, plus you tried to make out with my girlfriend- you're such a dinner dog.
by Greg A Scott May 21, 2008
37 19
A dog that will provide just enough meat to comfortably serve one.

Examples are chihuahuas, the 'toy' group, and most terriers.
Look, it's a dinner dog!
by Ceceli.a.m. November 24, 2008
6 3
Slang word for dinner ladies who come round the forms inspecting.
Put the straighteners away, the dinner dogs are coming!
by MickeyMoo May 03, 2008
3 7