Dinlow, or dinlo, is the Romany word for an idiot or fool. It has also been incorporated in the rural dialects of some farming communities, such as Portsmouth in Hampshire, where there is a large gypsy population.
A worzel overheard talking in a Portsmouth inn: "I are a right dinlow when I bin shanting."
by City Lad July 18, 2008
Top Definition
Stupid,or insane.Entering common usage via traveller or gypsy language.
That mushis a proper dinlow crank.
Don't be a fuckin'din.
by Fredder Smith May 19, 2008
Portsmouth slang for someone who is, or does something stupid.
That lads a proper dinlow.
by Danny pompey December 11, 2006
Word used to describe an idiotic person - in the situation where a person has done something idiotic they can be referred to as a dinlow. A person can also be identified as a dinlow for being known to do idiotic things on a regular basis. Similar to twat.
1 - Look, John's put his shirt on backwards, what a dinlow!

2- Gary's such a dinlow, he always loses his phone or his keys.
by hazzhaymz January 11, 2010
A word used to describe someone with low intelligence.
Also used as an insult when someone has said something stupid.
(First heard at secondary school in the 90's in Gloucestershire.)
It has many variations in spelling...
David Beckham is good at footie, but when he speaks he sounds like a right dinlow.

by LJ2 November 17, 2005
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