Another word for drink.
You foo's feel like dinking later?
by me March 24, 2003
shitty or crappy
That joints fucking dink gaj!
by Anonymous September 22, 2002
subsitute for "think".
Van: i dont dink so doode.
by Brittany Sanchez February 21, 2005
Tomson, Christian, Hish and Zak.
Tomson, Christian, Hish and Zak are dinks.
by club4 February 04, 2005
this is a slang word used in the north east of england by geordies to say sumthing is stupid-bad-rubbish-awfull etc
"ewwww your new jacket is dink get a refund"

""my computer keeps crashing! its dink!!!"
by lee newcombe May 25, 2006
Someone who is Danish.
Hey, it's the Dink!
by Candy Bootocks March 29, 2004
Shit, Crap, Doodie, or any other kind of excrement.

Male Genitalia
Ughhhh, it smells like total dinks in here.

Hey maybe ill eat that dog dinks over there.

That hoe is a slut, she be suckin mad dinks.
by phil banks March 09, 2008

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