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Used to refer to old our outdated computers or technology.

Can also be used to refer to old, outdated or slow people.
"What a dink!"
"You're such a dink."
"Why don't you replace that dink?"
by anonymous May 19, 2003
3 25
this is a slang word used in the north east of england by geordies to say sumthing is stupid-bad-rubbish-awfull etc
"ewwww your new jacket is dink get a refund"

""my computer keeps crashing! its dink!!!"
by lee newcombe May 25, 2006
11 34
Someone who is Danish.
Hey, it's the Dink!
by Candy Bootocks March 29, 2004
2 25
Shit, Crap, Doodie, or any other kind of excrement.

Male Genitalia
Ughhhh, it smells like total dinks in here.

Hey maybe ill eat that dog dinks over there.

That hoe is a slut, she be suckin mad dinks.
by phil banks March 09, 2008
7 32
luke robinson - a dude with a mullet and goes to college/school at HGS
luke robinson is a dink, cos he got a small dick xD rolf own3d
7 32
crotch smell or juice.
Close your legs I can smell your dink.

Gina just sprayed her dink on me!!!
by MARGE November 26, 2004
3 28
A word that really means arm but is confused with dick. causes lots of awkward moments!
1.Im gonna rub my dink*rubs arm*
2."my dink is so large and meaty" "eeeeeeeewwwwwww"
by kylefrison November 17, 2005
5 35