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To have sexual intercourse with
I just dinked Jon's mom.
by Brian March 23, 2004
"pet" name for significant other. Meaning silly, playful, cute etc.
Your such a dink!
by backcountrydreamer October 23, 2003
Another word for a Vietnamese person.
See also charlie.
There are a lot of Dinks on State Road 50.
by KRHimself March 16, 2004
Another word for the so called 'Think'
"Hey emily i dink i might go out tonight"

"Yeh i dink i might too james"
by willn2 January 21, 2007
derogatory term referring to a person with ancestery in the indian sub-continent. originated in dayton, ohio
kavin, you are such a dink.
by dan foose July 17, 2006
Used to refer to old our outdated computers or technology.

Can also be used to refer to old, outdated or slow people.
"What a dink!"
"You're such a dink."
"Why don't you replace that dink?"
by Anonymous May 19, 2003
Another word for drink.
You foo's feel like dinking later?
by me March 24, 2003