Another word for the so called 'Think'
"Hey emily i dink i might go out tonight"

"Yeh i dink i might too james"
#think #dink #emily #please #hello
by willn2 January 21, 2007
Top Definition
Dual Income No Kids
by DINK March 14, 2003
Local slang in Vermont. A stupid person, a jerk, an a-hole. A general putdown of one's abilities.
You are such a dink.
by neil May 25, 2004
Dink, The : Slang for Engelbert Humperdinck
One of the greatest rock and roll stars of the 21st century.
by Andreas Kock March 31, 2005
Double Income No KidS ... working couples without kids
by Sundu April 23, 2003
Dual Income, No Kids. A household status for a couple who both make money and don't have to spend it on young.
More gay couples are D.I.N.K.s, so on average, they have more discretionary funds.
#dual income no kids #affluent #dink #dinks #d.i.n.k.s
by Negative 3 Kelvin October 07, 2005
To Dink - Verb

To fool around
Doing something with no purpose
I dinked around with friends for hours last night.
#fool #tool #waste time #beat it #doing nothing #waste #time #nothing #no purpose #dink #drink
by Swastyboyz December 22, 2010
Acronym for Dual Income No Kids
Lucky bastard is a DINK
by RagePrblm July 21, 2003
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