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The use of Mixed Metaphors, spoken especially in haste and when under extreme pressure.

Also known as "Dinglisms" in some cultures.
Dinglish 1 - "You're like a bull in a sweet shop"
Dinglish 2 - "It's not rocket surgery"
Dinglish 3 - "It's just another quiver in the Salesman's armour"
by The Spermanator September 20, 2006
A mix up of german and english, commonly used in german business talk.
Wir haben uns comitted...
(we comitted)
by Nicolas80 June 17, 2005
pronounced Ding-gill-ish
a varent of "English" where commen words get rearanged for the soul purpose of making people laugh
"cycling" become "Bikealing"
pronounced bike-a-ling
"shopping" becomes "shopariseing"
pronounced shop-a-riseing
by The Evil Squirrel June 07, 2005
A word to describe a non speaking english womens sexual preformance.
She couldn't speak english very well but her dinglish was perfect.
by Bill Boss September 11, 2006