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A person who has made a completely irrelevant or dumb comment and is considered by the general population to be stupid.
Jack said, "That tree has a limb."

David said, " No shit you fucking dingleweed!"
by ZACHCHIEF August 08, 2007
Marijuana or pot that is stored in the body and then smoked at a later date
This dingle weed tastes a little funny but man is it good shit
by mbednarchuk March 23, 2010
Defined by Michael Bentine in the 1960s as a crop that is grown and, while young, is covered with a special cover to protect it from the harmful ultra-violet rays of the sun. It is harvested, threshed, thrubbed and washed and then carefully woven into a cover like material that is used to protect the young dingle weed from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.
The dingle weed is woven into the cover that protects the young dingle weed from the sun.
by Peter Fynn October 09, 2008

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