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When your lazy ass son walks around with his socks hanging half way off his feet. The sock part hanging off the end of the foot is called a : 'dingledong'.

It actually drove my 7 year old daughter nuts, and she actually came up with the word 'dingledong'. We happened to be talking about what a dingleberry was before hand. I guess that was her inspiration.
Austin pull up ur damn socks you have dingledongs.
by Jon Feutz March 27, 2007
A short fat penis, that has balls that somewhat resemble dingle berries.
That guys penis is a dingle dong. Too bad for him.
by patrico December 20, 2007
a nice way to call someone a dumb dumb, idiot, dork, etc.
Sometimes my husband is such a dingle dong!
by justfivefeet1970 October 04, 2004