When you stick your thick cock into a woman's pussy and run away without cumming, as if to say gotcha! Alternatively, it can mean simply having sex with a woman once and disappearing into the mist. The least popular use of the term is when you cut a hole in the condom and blast away never to return.
Guy 1: Did you hear that girl's boyfriend got her a dick in a box for Christmas?
Guy 2: Ding Dong Ditch is what I'd give her.
Guy 1: Ding Dong Ditch the bitch.
by Eric Kazinsky May 15, 2016
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Knocking at someone's door and running.
bib: hey lets ding-dong-ditch someones house

been: let's go!
by Bobcroe November 29, 2013
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Show a girl your Dingdong, do the dirty, then ditch her.
Oh, hey, here's my Dingdong.... Bang bang and ditch her -JJD, Watervliet, Ny Dingdong ditch
by UntwinedCartoons June 01, 2014
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a black person knocks on a door and since they are all good at sports they run away. The person who answers the door usually says they just ding dong ditched didn't they?
by charleytheunicorn August 14, 2011
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The act of setting up from a distance and throwing multiple Hostess Ding Dongs at the victims door until the victim awnsers the door, then proceed to run.
Ding Dong Ditcher: Bombs Away!!!

Vitim: WTF!!!!

Ding Dong Ditcher: Seeya!

Victim: I hate Hostess, always promoting the Ding Dong Ditch.
by SwAg WeAr May 12, 2010
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ding-dong ditch: a verb. This applies to when a woman has sexual relations with a man and then no longer desires any sort of further interaction with the person.
Woman I: Hey, what ever happened to that guy that you met at the bar?

Woman II: Oh, that dude? I ding-dong ditched him. I don't have time for that shit.
by Tomorrow Call July 28, 2010
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