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n., a person that only hangs out in diners, morning noon and night. usually they resign in new jersey
"omg, lets go to the diner tonight"
"but we were there last night, this morning and about 3 hours ago"
"so lets go again"
"no, stop being a diner whore"
by ayLin June 12, 2006
1. Servers at the Lake Effect Diner in Buffalo, NY. Known for their tendancy to have sex with real winners.(see Andrew: Texas Ranger)

2. Waitresses that are really friendly and flirtacious in pursuit of tips.

1. "Don't fuck any of the diner whores. They all fucked Alex."

2. "I gave that diner whore a 200% tip and all she gave me was a some girl Jenna's phone number"

by King of the Diner Whores December 11, 2006
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