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Creating a huge bill at a restaurant and leaving without paying. Most likely something a stoner would do.
It was so fun on my 21st birthday. We went to Ihop and did a Dine N' Dash!!!
by MKNZUHL September 12, 2010
When you eat at a resturant and leave without paying.
I'm starved, and broke again. Le's do a dine n dash at Denny's.
by kreecher August 16, 2003
Occurs when two lesbians engage in oral sex followed by abrupt departure of one participant.
"I thought I heard San Franciscan wedding bells, turns out it was just another dine 'n' dash.
by Kyle Beastimashai May 10, 2012
Dine N' Dash is an online reservation system in North America, it lets you preorder your meal and reserve a table at select restaurants.
Im hungry and dont have time to waste, time to book a dine n' dash
by Timz123 October 09, 2013