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another word for dinner, used by the very cool kids
Sup, whens Din Din, Yo?
by Ryan Mercer January 16, 2004
another name for dinner.
Come here darling its time for Din dins.
by hamghetti... September 29, 2006
Something tasty. It is what Nicole feeds to her pet. Surprisingly she also eats it for dinner.
Time for dindin! She has been waiting for this all day. When it comes to dindin, pigging out is a must.
by David May 07, 2007
A meal or snack.
"I'm going to have some din dins now"
by Julie Andrews February 04, 2003
A form of the word dinner. Often used by people that think dinner is too long a word.
"MOM! When is din din going to be ready?"
by Coolioolio April 29, 2007
A casual dinner with friends or family.
After I finish working on my manifesto today, I'm going to dindin with 2 buddies.
by discus_stu November 02, 2009
another way to say dinner
I'm so hungry, I think I'll go eat some din-din
by Baseer September 07, 2005
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