the greek kid that does mad shit to bman cuz bman isnt gangsta
shiz son dimitrios about ta pop a cap in dis bitch ass nigga
by dimitrios April 29, 2003
Top Definition
my special little boy <3
I love dimitrios very much!
by bd February 21, 2005
derived from the greek language and has many different meanings and uses such as: RETARDED,ANNOYING,LOUD,LACKING COMMONSENSE,Closet Homosexual,CONSTANT IDIOTIC BEHAVIOUR,COMPLETE FUCKUP,JUST A PLAIN WANKER.
"shit man that guy is such a FU**ING DIMITRIOS"

"shut up you DIMITRIOS"

"c'mon man you know you are gay you are just being a DIMITRIOS"

"holy shit you fu**ing DIMITRIOSED it completely"
by Louiegrandecazzo February 15, 2008
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