Function: verb
Inflected form(s): Dimebagged, Dimebagging
transitive verb
1. to shoot a live performing artist dead during a performance
2. to bring to a halt the career of an artist or group of artists by violent elimination of one or more involved members
"I hope the members of (insert band) get Dimebagged!"
by Razz5 August 24, 2007
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every other definition lists it as 10 dollars worth of weed but where im from thats not even close. In Winona, MN it is 25 dollars for a dime of kine bud it weighs anywhere from 1.6 to 1.9g or even 2.0g Never is a dimebag 10 dollars here. The bud is amazing too. Depending on how you smoke it will should be about 5 fat bowls worth maybe 6. If the bud is extremely potent (more than ussual) or if it's a special strain (Purple Haze, G-13, White Widow, Trainwreck)or the town is dry some dealers will make you pay 30 bucks for a dime.
"Lets get a dimebag for friday, yo"
"damn, bud is expensive....alright!"
by Skunkybuds July 10, 2006
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Almost all of this definitions define a dime bag as $10 worth of weed but it applies to $10 worth of any drug.

There are dime bags of methamphetamine, crack cocaine and heroin also.
That guy Randall sold me a dime bag.
by Demitrious Octavion September 17, 2016
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a state of being; (dimebagged)
that motherfucker is as dead as a dimebag
by dave mabee December 10, 2004
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Very sexy chica.. usually have blonde hair and is a gangsta who sells weed
SEAN: N!gga, I got no weed..
KEVIN: N!igga, call up Dime Bag Tracy
by Kevinnnnnnn March 18, 2008
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While this term usually references specific amounts of drugs for underground purchase, AVN reviewer Guy Norhinf assets this to be slang vernacular for "condom."
"Man, look at that bootylicious dime!"
"Yeah, that's a hot slut for sure, I hope you've got a dime bag.
by Hox June 17, 2006
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Someone who is either cheap or stingy when it comes to money.
That's such a dime bag set-up.

That guy is such a dime bag.
by All Out Dime May 21, 2008
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