The most amazing Fu*&ing guitar player ever to grace the Heavy metal stage.
Dimebag was The kindest man in metal, and the man with a heart the SIZE OF TEXAS!
Taken from us on 12/8, but given back in spirit EVERY DAY!!!
See "The Great Sothern Trendkill" "Coyboys From Hell" "Vulgar Display Of Power" "Far Beyond Driven" "New Found Power" And Much, Much, Much More!
Dime bag didnt play the guitar, he played his soul
by Kris Marano June 23, 2006
A bag of marijuna (weed)
Yo Yolanda got the dime bag let's head up to her crib
by ac July 14, 2004
Someone who is either cheap or stingy when it comes to money.
That's such a dime bag set-up.

That guy is such a dime bag.
by All Out Dime May 21, 2008
While this term usually references specific amounts of drugs for underground purchase, AVN reviewer Guy Norhinf assets this to be slang vernacular for "condom."
"Man, look at that bootylicious dime!"
"Yeah, that's a hot slut for sure, I hope you've got a dime bag.
by Hox June 17, 2006
Now costs about $15 dollars
Man can u believe he charges 15dollars for a damn dime bag??
by ELBRENDO October 16, 2006
Very sexy chica.. usually have blonde hair and is a gangsta who sells weed
SEAN: N!gga, I got no weed..
KEVIN: N!igga, call up Dime Bag Tracy
by Kevinnnnnnn March 18, 2008
$10 worth of drugs
by Lehem October 18, 2003

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