every other definition lists it as 10 dollars worth of weed but where im from thats not even close. In Winona, MN it is 25 dollars for a dime of kine bud it weighs anywhere from 1.6 to 1.9g or even 2.0g Never is a dimebag 10 dollars here. The bud is amazing too. Depending on how you smoke it will should be about 5 fat bowls worth maybe 6. If the bud is extremely potent (more than ussual) or if it's a special strain (Purple Haze, G-13, White Widow, Trainwreck)or the town is dry some dealers will make you pay 30 bucks for a dime.
"Lets get a dimebag for friday, yo"
"damn, bud is expensive....alright!"
by Skunkybuds July 10, 2006
Dime bag,
A bag to hold a small quantity of loose items. This term, and the related one nickle bag, both most likely are linked to stores that called themselves Five and Dime Stores. Woolworth's the chain that founded this concept, used to sell items frequently for a nickle or a dime and most stores had a candy counter. The candy counter was stocked with candy in bulk bins and it was purchased in small bags and customers either requested a nickle bag or a dime bag.
I will take a dime bag worth of mints.
by pbmaise October 13, 2011
A niche celebrity being shot to death in an unlikely circumstance, like at a rock concert.
"That has-been actor-turned-minimum wage security guard Gary Coleman got dimebagged in an arcade parlor at the mall last night"
by Dirty Harry December 14, 2004
(n) A celebrity or other somewhat famous person being killed, wounded, or disabled at a public venue.
"I hope somebody Dimebags that Chris Carrabba pussy."
"Hooray, the guy from Simple Plan just got Dimebagged!"
by Cory February 15, 2005
a state of being; (dimebagged)
that motherfucker is as dead as a dimebag
by dave mabee December 10, 2004
A dead asshole guitarist for a bunch of second-rate bands. He sounds a whole lot better now he's been given some extra ventilation with a 9mm.
Dimebag Fan: "Oh my god! Someone just shot Dimebag! Call the cops!"
Me: "Cops are already here."
Dimebag Fan: "Why didn't they stop that guy from shooting Dimebag?"
Me: "Figure it out, asshole."
by Ben Lynch March 01, 2005
Term used by female fashionistas and/or fabulous gays to describe trendy, outlandish handbags which are oft the central demands on upper middle class suburban trophy wives Christmas wish lists.
Fabulous Gay: That Louis Vuitton Brentwood may be cute, but b*tch that Gucci Galaxy is one dime bag.

Upper West Side Fashionista: Tots!
by TTSoze November 19, 2009
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