10 Dollars worth of pot.
One Gram= $10
In some cases, if on good terms with the dealer, you may receive a few extra "points."
Example- 1.2 or 1.3, sometimes even 1.5, rather than 1.0

Dude: "Sup man, you got a dimebag on hand you can slang to me?"

Dealer: "Yeah no problem, 10 bucks."

Dude: "Alright thanks man..have a good one, peace."
by Andrew Ayres September 02, 2007
Relating to the male testicular region. nickname was most popular in the late 90's early 2000's.
Hey bud, you can have my milk money just dont kick me in the dime bags.

Grow a pair of dime bags!
by Dime Bags Dyllan April 25, 2013
A usually transparent bag that allows the containment and view of American Dimes in it.
Don't swing your Dimebag like that Jeffery, you might hit someone!
by Julius D Maly December 08, 2008
best fucking virtuoso guitarist ever(next to maybe tony iommi). any cum drinking mama fucker who talks shit on him will have their children eaten by the dark lord himself. and i'll eat yer wife and yer dog and yer grandma fucking disrespectful ass goblin mother fuckers i'll make you eat out yer aunt! bitches! RIP dimebag!!!!!!!
dude look at dimebag shred on his dean from hell
by posserkiller June 17, 2005
Fucking a chick in her ass and taking a shit in her purse while she cleans herself up. Then you leave or kick her ass out.
That hoe from last night gave me bad head, so I left her a dimebag.
by Necio Chile June 29, 2007
1.) A ten dollar bag of pot.
2.)An idiot.
3.) Someone who has done something retarded or embarassing.
God i hate that kid hes a freakin dimebag.
by rickermatt06 March 25, 2008
Function: verb
Inflected form(s): Dimebagged, Dimebagging
transitive verb
1. to shoot a live performing artist dead during a performance
2. to bring to a halt the career of an artist or group of artists by violent elimination of one or more involved members
"I hope the members of (insert band) get Dimebagged!"
by Razz5 August 24, 2007
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