A small bag of marijuana worth $10.00. In Toronto, the going weight for a dimebag is around one gram, but this probably varies from location to location.

The origin of the term may stem from the fact that a dime is ten cents, and a dimebag is ten dollars, reinforced by the nickelbag ($5 worth of marijuana) and the quarter (a quarter-ounce of marijuana).
"Can I get a dimebag off you?"

"Sure, but if you can you should get more, save some cash."
by Ryn0r August 18, 2005
guitarist from pantera and damageplan; greatest guitarist known to man; 10 dollars worth of marijuana
dimebag is as good as zakk wylde.
hey can i get a dimebag?
by nickelbag January 27, 2004
It's definition is in reference to the old 10-cent phone call. A dime-bag is any douchebag (or -baguette) who uses his/her Blackberry or iPhone or whatever to browse for info that can be used to correct or confirm something that was said in casual conversation. Also 'dime-bagged' (adverb). Synonym of A-phone (as in 'A-hole').
After saying that Jerry Rice holds the NFL record for most touchdowns with 207, Sue's new boyfriend dime-bagged me with the correct number, 208. What an A-phone.
by rhiski12 November 23, 2009
10 dollars worth of cannibis
i will sell you a dimebag for 10 dollars
by Tony October 16, 2003
The best fuckin guitarist whos ever lived. RIP.
Fuck anyone on this site whos said anything negative about dime, if dimebag was here he'd shove a pointy dean up your ass!!
by Chicken1432 March 03, 2005
The most notorious, if not the greatest, heavy metal guitarist of all-time, with a great attitude, and an unrivaled passion for the genre of music and all that it stood for - the ultimate epitome of heavy metal, usually found on a stage in a small club, medium-sized auditorium or large arena, wielding his guitar like a battle axe and emitting gut-wrenching walls of sound to hundreds of banging heads.
R.I.P. Dimebag Darrell
by screambloodygore August 20, 2005
Guitar God and Thrash Metal Hero Aka. Darrell "Dimebag" Abbott formerly of the Thrash metal foursome Pantera amd later of the band DamagePlan. He was murdered onstage on dec 8th 2004. RIP
"dimebag tore ya a new asshole"
by toose December 23, 2005

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