Dime: to tell on someone
Little girl: mommy big brother stole from the piggy bank
mom:son is this true
Son: man she always dimes me out she can never keep a secret
by Nalani Hernandez November 17, 2005
what we get it how we live up here northwest coasten through. in dis shit we gatz .9 for a dime if youz mah homayz... those who aint get .8 tops dependen on my motha fucken mood
Bitchez: "Zachstylez pleasssee oh pleasse get me a good deal on that AK-47 shiiiznitz how much for a dime bag home skillet"
Zachstylez: "Bitchez you ain't nuthen but triiiiiiickkks pAYCE .7 and you betta take that shit or get a 20 you fucken lil biotchez"
by Zachstylez April 27, 2004
$10 worth of the best chronic in Toronto/Thornhill. Yeah thats $10 CANADIAN for a .8 to a gram. You ppl in the states pay wayy to much.

A nice assist thrown in the game of basketball.
Yo man, is that chronic? Toss me a dime of that shit.

Jalen Rose has been tossin dimes all night long
by YZ January 23, 2004
10% of an ounce of weed witch runs for about 10 bucks depending on the type of weed like shwagg will run for about 10 bucks yet purple haze or ak-47 would run for about 30 bucks middy would probly be like 12 bucks all depends on what you want but i grow my own shit so have fun
I sold a dime to nikki for 15 bucks i ripped that bitch of it was only shwagg!!
by big k da med man April 24, 2003
A person who has a very round shape from the front or back, however when viewed from the side is flat and thin.
"Look at that woman there, she is so round.....where did she go? Oh she is just a dime if I ever saw one"
by i am so amazing June 16, 2009
a slang word for an attractive female that black people haven't used since 1998.
stupid honkey bob: Hey buddy, shaquiesha's a dime!

Intelligent Proud Black Male: Shut up cracka! You can't have black girls cause I said so, and they don't want your small dick anyways.
by IPBM September 22, 2005
somebody who is just way past a 5 or a 7 in tha face and body
Chingy is a dime
by Taylor November 24, 2003
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