to express how cool something is
WOW, your gay, DIME!
by Jon hugh February 06, 2008
1.) In reference to 10 cents in US curreny
2.) Referring to a nice ass on a women or slut, bitch, hoe, skank, cum guzzler, etc.
3.) Referring to a nice pass in basketball, also sometimes referred to as a "Deno"
1.) John was pissed because he was a dime short of being able to by the latest porno at Triple X in Oylmpia.
2.) "Damn, look at that dime on that bitch. That hoe done goz her a phatty on deck.", said Dontrell.
3.) "Yeah muhfuckah, taste that dime, cuz yo ass got dun split.", said Cortez.
by JJ2X4 September 23, 2007
A PERFECT GIRL 10 out of 10.
by Zaiditime August 23, 2008
caine; $10 worth of crack
by Lehem October 18, 2003
An attractive female with a score of 10 of a hotness scale of 1-10.
Yo dawg, imma rate this ho a big 10 on What a dime!
by Dr. Philip January 29, 2003
One of them girls u sees walkin down the street and your first intention is to fuck her for the rest of your life
Seth,"damn look at that dime."
Nigger"fuck yeah."
Boobs"dem titties doe."
Lange"dat ass."
Jewart"I would like to spark a conversation with her."
Baby bonse"I like dudes."
Everyone"we already know..."
by Younks July 07, 2013
A word some people (usually guys) use to describe a girl that is a "perfect 10" regarding her looks, but is mentally incompitant.
-Hey, what do you think about Janet, would you go out with her?

-Nah man, I only date dimes.
by ThatOneGirl23 December 24, 2008

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