An asshole (the body part)
I just wanted to get a look at her dime.

I tried for the dime shot but she said no.

I'm gonna make her dime a toonie.
by orangejewce November 28, 2010
Used in reference to a text message. Commonly used by someone without a good phone plan that pays ten cents a text.
"My girl keeps droppin' dimes on me! My phone bill is going to be outrageous!"
by oipinoi July 08, 2009
Prison term for being sentenced to a jail/ prison for ten years.
-That judge sent me to the joint for a dime!!
-Damn man you got a dime for that shit, I only got a nickle.
by JTM27 May 28, 2009
Meaning what u can buy for 10$ usually referring to an illegal drug but the only time ive heard it used is when referring to marijuana.

Yo homie let me get a dime sack of that ganja.
by Asianknee July 10, 2008
$10 bag of weed. usually bad quality weed. If its good, it'll cost more.
A dawg, hit me up with a dime bag.
by JizzyB. December 21, 2005
A woman who is a perfect "10"
JayZ-"where my dimes at"
by J January 21, 2004
10,000 dollars, lent to drug dealers.
I gave my homeboy Freddy 10,000, but that damn n*gger ran off with that shit.
by Fred November 27, 2003

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