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Meaning what u can buy for 10$ usually referring to an illegal drug but the only time ive heard it used is when referring to marijuana.

Yo homie let me get a dime sack of that ganja.
by Asianknee July 10, 2008
2 2
1. a perfect pass in a basketball, usually when someone makes a cut through at least 2 people and catches a great pass and makes the shot right after that.

2. a series of nicely done street ball moves done in succession
1. Yo, I threw a perfect dime yesterday.

2. Hot Sauce is dropping dimes like crazy!!!
by Jordan Payne April 21, 2008
3 3
to express how cool something is
WOW, your gay, DIME!
by Jon hugh February 06, 2008
1 1
Dick In My Ear.
Being a nuisance, an obnoxious or annoying person
You are annoying, you're being a dime, so stfu.
by Nymul January 16, 2008
3 3
10,000 dollars, lent to drug dealers.
I gave my homeboy Freddy 10,000, but that damn n*gger ran off with that shit.
by Fred November 27, 2003
2 2
somebody who is just way past a 5 or a 7 in tha face and body
Chingy is a dime
by Taylor November 24, 2003
2 2
wow, here in Quebec i can get .8 grams of hydro for a dime o.O
by yogurt_fog September 23, 2003
1 1