In the sport of basketball, a pass thrown to a teammate that leads to a basket; an assist
"In last night's basketball game, I had 10 points, 5 rebounds, and 6 dimes."
by BigBlue92 December 25, 2013
A girl who is a ten out of ten
See that girl right there, yeah sienna? She's a dime.
by 4dayouth2 October 20, 2009
1. a perfect pass in a basketball, usually when someone makes a cut through at least 2 people and catches a great pass and makes the shot right after that.

2. a series of nicely done street ball moves done in succession
1. Yo, I threw a perfect dime yesterday.

2. Hot Sauce is dropping dimes like crazy!!!
by Jordan Payne April 21, 2008
Dick In My Ear.
Being a nuisance, an obnoxious or annoying person
You are annoying, you're being a dime, so stfu.
by Nymul January 16, 2008
a word used to describe a person that is good looking; a 10
Oh my god did you see that guy over there, he is such a dime.
by lksadjflkjalwt December 31, 2007
An asshole (the body part)
I just wanted to get a look at her dime.

I tried for the dime shot but she said no.

I'm gonna make her dime a toonie.
by orangejewce November 28, 2010
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