A fine girl who rates a perfect score (10) on a scale from one to ten.
Octavia and her sister a dime
by octavia April 30, 2003
A beautiful girl, a perfect 10
Ewa is a dime!
by G-MacbookPro_witdaRetinaScreen December 14, 2014
1. a phatty pass to another teammate that leads to a basket in basketball
2. Hott bitch
1. damn,he dropped 10 dimes last nite.
2. man, shes a dime
by gunbeezy December 28, 2005
A tight pass in b-ball
There must be holes in my pocket,
'cause I'm droppin' dimes
by Dirt McGurt October 22, 2003
A defensive formation in football used in obvious passing situations.
Green Bay needs to score here and Atlanta has come out in the Dime.
by Anonymous August 13, 2003
weed that cost $10.00
got a dime?
by dilpgh May 03, 2003
a way of describing a fine girl as a perfect 10
damn that be'otch is a dime.
by xtianbretz September 23, 2005

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