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Dime is used to describe a mexican, because they're all a dime a dozen.
That dime forgot my taco.
by Anonymous May 27, 2003
11 46
dimes r mami's dat iz madd rite everything on deez chicks body is right. So dimes are chick dat r a perfect 10 which dey get da name dimes.
Yo dem chicks look rite , nice ass, cute face, rite body, damn all dem chicks iz dimes
by Billionaire Boy Club July 15, 2006
107 145
Means a person that is crazy and insane yet has a sense of clarity, usually hyper, has rugged good looks with an awkward sense of humor, strong and defensive, and a nice person you could bring to your parents house.

Also, of course. It is a .10 chunk of silver that is used in the United States.
Example - "The dude, he's a dimes."
by boobychick_56 December 10, 2006
24 133
1.A dime is 5 grams of weed.
dudes...whoever told you a dime was less than a gram of weed is stupid.
by topamonster May 06, 2005
14 128