A U.S Coin that's worth 10 cents!! Don't they teach U.S currency in school these days?
I'll give you a dime if you go back to school and learn the value of U.S. coins.
by Franklin D.Roosevelt September 19, 2005
A tight pussy (cunt).
A virgin like pussy.
Lena got her dime clean shaved. Fuckin her is heaven.
by vision September 09, 2005
A measure of distance
"That pimp ass ride can turn on a muthafuken dime"
by marcoze December 24, 2003
a bag of your drug of choice, that only poor broke ass scum bags buy
some niggas in da hood only sell dimes
by poor ass black foke June 18, 2003
spanish for "tell me". as in "dime tu nombre". some non english speakers are often confused when they are new to this country and go to use a vending machine and are 10 cents short by mistake, the machine displays "dime" to tell them of the 10 cents shortage and they start talking out the selection they wish to make to the vending machine instead of pushing buttons, thinking that the machine is asking them "dime( tell me )" your selection.
A pack of cig's are $3.25 from a vending machine
Old cuban guy puts in $3.15 into the cigarrette vending machine.
He is missing 10 cents and the LED display promts "dime".
as to which the old cuban man replys
"yo quierro un paquete de Marlboro Lights" (i want a pack of Marlboro Lights )
by michael October 22, 2004
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