A sorry ass amount of weed, its like a free sample.
If you buy dime sacks you still on training wheels.
by 714potheads April 05, 2008
Top Definition
An amount of green plant worth approximately $10
Hey, can you hook me up with a dime sack?
by Bungalow Bill October 18, 2001
In the drug trade, a reference to:

1 - A small amount of pot (generally worth appx $10)

2 - Very small baggies (about 1cm x 1cm) that a rock of crystalline substance (ie, crack cocaine, crystal meth ) can fit in, often worth appx $10.
I fell back into active addiction after I saw the dime sack and chose to smoke it.
by pozcircuitboy September 15, 2004
- sack of narcotics for the price of 10 dollars

- sack of dimes

- dropping dime on somebody

- 10 cent amount of narcotics
hello, give me a dimesack of your sweetest cheeba please. Heres 10 cents my good man.
by thousandsack January 22, 2010
$10.00 worth of a narcotic.
Jimmy suprised me with a dime bag of coke last week.
by Maguire September 01, 2003
if you buy dime sacks', you are probably in high school.
dude, who the fuck buys dime sacks? get some weight sucker
by ihatecooper January 31, 2004
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