Dilworth an anagram for dumb ass oh yeah dumb ass. Reference Lala and senior pudface. Description imagine Hulk Hogan with his scullet flapping in the wind walking around say Oh yeah brother! Yeah that is dilworth.
1. Hey senor pudface what don't you quit being such a lala dilworth and get over here.

2. Dilworth you will give me a hundred dollars or I am going to smack you like a lala and take it.
by Trogdor Le Burninator June 12, 2006
Top Definition
An extremely large dildo, usually black but comes in an assortment of colours.
"Oh Blair! That's a wonderful collection of dilworths you have there!"

"Man, yesterday my mate Blair was walking around with this massive dilworth in his ass all day long and he didn't even know."

"Bro, I'm so keen for a dilworth right now."
by Stevenson-st johnson September 21, 2007

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