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An extremely large dildo, usually black but comes in an assortment of colours.
"Oh Blair! That's a wonderful collection of dilworths you have there!"

"Man, yesterday my mate Blair was walking around with this massive dilworth in his ass all day long and he didn't even know."

"Bro, I'm so keen for a dilworth right now."
by Stevenson-st johnson September 21, 2007
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The amount of worth placed on ones dildo. It is a point of pride and a topic for bragging rights in the dildo using community much like penis size in men.

The more lavish and extravagant ones dildo is, the more inherent dilworth it possesses.

Some ways to improve dilworth can include the addition of diamonds, extra vibrating extremities, voice activation, scope and or night vision (i.e. glow in the dark). Length, girth and material used can also play an important role in overall dilworth and respect in your friend circles and community.
Judy has a basic, store bought run-of-the-mill dildo with zero attachments and therefore her dilworth is exceptionally low.

Susie likes to go to her local grocery store every Tuesday in order to show off and flaunt her dilworth to anyone who will listen.

dildo measuring worth respect
by SunnyD : November 12, 2015
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Dilworth an anagram for dumb ass oh yeah dumb ass. Reference Lala and senior pudface. Description imagine Hulk Hogan with his scullet flapping in the wind walking around say Oh yeah brother! Yeah that is dilworth.
1. Hey senor pudface what don't you quit being such a lala dilworth and get over here.

2. Dilworth you will give me a hundred dollars or I am going to smack you like a lala and take it.
by Trogdor Le Burninator June 12, 2006
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