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A word made up by my friends and me as an alternative for the word dick. We then started calling each other "dilms" as a way of saying "You jerk." But it shouldn't be used in a harsh tone unless talking about someone who is mutually disliked in the group.
Mr. Friedline is such a dilm for assigning us homework on the last week of school.


Dude, you just hacked! Suck on my dilm!
by Graeme_W June 01, 2006

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Dad I'd Like To Meet
Dad's I'd Like to Meet

Usually a MILM (a "Mom I'd Like to Meet") will "hunt" for DILMs because they understand what having "kids" is all about, are generally more mature and a bit older.

Just think a MILF but for a man.....except wanting to not only "F", but actually "meet" and start a relationship with, hence a DILM.
A single mom would like to meet a DILM.
by sp421 April 22, 2008