The small to large portion of skin on your lower back that is exposed when the shirt does not meet the pants. caused by too short a shirt, low pants, bending over or a combination of the three.
"oh man did you see the Dilly Bar on that girl when she bent down to pick up her pencil??"

"oh my gosh jen get a belt! your dilly bar is showing"
by Tritonof the sun! September 27, 2009
a gay treat found at Dairy Queen
Paul shoved the "Dilly Bar" up Sean's ass.
by Austin October 06, 2004
The stroking of both of ones upper arms simultaneously in a sexual manner.
Giver her a dilly bar!
by eitakak July 27, 2009
A foolish, silly, stupid or unreasonable person. May be used affectionately.

Drawn from a combination of the real meaning of dilly, and the Dairy Queen treat, the Dilly Bar.
My neighbour locks his bike indoors...what a dilly bar!
by Mike McNulty April 13, 2005

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