a dill hole is my dad pete
pinch it off dill hole!!
by jen March 05, 2004
someone who is totally useless at everything. Essentially the same as a "Bungmunch." Someone totally worthless.
"That guy is the biggest dillhole I've ever known. His mama even thinks he sucks."
by A. Cunning Linguist August 21, 2003
Serial liar, a la Pinocchio
"My name is Baghdad Bob, and my I learned everything I need to know from Dillhole!"
by IBDillholeWhinesTewMods July 16, 2003
1. a dumbass (see dumbfuck, fuckhead, asswipe) who is constantly bitchy or always late for mundane shit.

2. a hole in a dill (what the fuck is a dill.)
My friend is a fucking dillhole.
by Bud Wise May 19, 2004
An insensitive driver who blocks the passage of other drivers, particularly on the roads between Terre Haute, Indiana and Indianapolis, Indiana.
"This dill hole is keeping me from getting over!"
by KnobDoctor April 17, 2003
christopher badalato end of story. no more to say.
chris, yes, without a doubt, you are a dill hole.
by larry July 27, 2004
The point of exit for all anal nuggets for the gluteus maximus, and an unfortunate place of entry for enema's, lost gerbils, and hetero-ly challenged ramrods.
The enema's you inserted into my DILL HOLE earlier have started to work, so you will have to wait to find the lost gerbils in my gluteus maximus with your hetero-ly challenged ramrod.
by MikeBubbaJSmith February 13, 2006
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