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The Antonym of Dildo
You can't put that in there, for it's a dildon't.
by John Butz and Meghan Kay March 16, 2008
26 7
(noun): derogatory term in the genre of douchebag, used by a comparison reference to emphasize that an individual is far worse than a dildo.
"That guy's worse than a dildo. He's a dildon't."
by Chanceous September 16, 2007
11 6
A dildo that should NOT be used. Some can be wrapped in barbed wire, be on fire, sometimes razor blades are attached. Commonly used by Nazis against the Jews during the Holocaust.
Hitler: We need an alternate use of death for the Jews! Bullets cost and our gas bill is too high!
Nazi Soldier: Our scientists are working on anew torture device, the Dildont.
by DildoMastuh September 02, 2013
5 3
An umbrella term for every dildo in the sex shop, you are frequenting, that is bigger than your own penis.
CUSTOMER: "Excuse me sir, my girlfriend and I are after one of your finest dildos, but all we see is a wall full of dildon't s."

CLERK: "Terribly sorry sir, but have you considered perhaps that the problem may not lie at my end..?"
by benwithacapitalb January 06, 2012
5 3