(n) A person whos head looks like a dildo.
Man, you are a fucking dildo head.
by WHAT February 13, 2005
Top Definition
An interolably obnoxious ignoramus with no shame about the situation
That dildohead absolutely disgusts me.
by Bleh November 23, 2002
One who is extremely stupid, has no common sense and is a complete and utter retard, or your name is Brandon Erickson.
Oh my God dude, your such a Dildohead.
by eatmydick6969 November 25, 2009
A female individual who holds their cellphone to their heads. (Related to dickhead; see dickhead)
"That dildohead is trying to drive and talk on her dildo at the same time."
"She is such a dildohead that she has to talk to her husband on her dildo the moment she gets into the store."
by Darjamvan October 13, 2008
one whom has a dildo situated on his/her forehead
mate you are the massivest dildohead
by Andrea Fiorentino December 12, 2005
Someone who has an Head(along with the haircut) shaped like a dildo/Penis
Anyone with a Wedge hairstyle or a really short cut side and long on top
by kipwar March 11, 2004
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