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trying to make friends off of an anonymous message board, often times attempting to become more than friendly with a poster of the same gender.
Hi forum friends. I'm here, Diktesla. You guys are my best friends. Maybe we can all do the nasty at my place. I luv my boys.
by PennLive October 23, 2010
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A person that eats 3 Big Macs for lunch and 3 Baconators for dinner. Weights 375lbs and can't fit inside most cars.
DikTesla eats 3 big macs and 3 baconators a day! Extra Cheese and Bacon Please!!!
by NikTesla October 22, 2010
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A Fat Slob that's never had a date in his life. Looks for friends on a message board. Has Mrs Doll as his companion.
DikTesla has Mrs Doll in the passenger seat as he enters the local McDonald's parking lot. Paints Mrs Doll's lips red!
by Mr DikTesla November 18, 2010
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