Dike is the Greek goddess of moral justice.
Dike is the Greek goddess of moral justice. No real example.
by The Captain January 11, 2005
1) A drainage ditch predominately used for corpse disposal.
2) A group of ninjas hiding in a paper bag.
"'ey, Vinny, throw that there corpse into the dyke, wouldya."
by Wod February 08, 2003
it is artifacial reclaimed land on the shores of north germany.
"take me to the dike, dude"
by Jelly Fish July 20, 2005
1) a big wall that holds back water
2) a manly lesbian

also, bull dike - a VERY manly lesbian
1) in that story, the kid sticks his finger in the dike's hole so it will stop leaking (haha)
2) wow, i just got the shit kicked out of me by that raging bull dike
by watch out May 06, 2004
a lezbian who is way into sports and has no selfconfidence and doesnt give a crap about their apirance
dike names are offten: norine, maurine, kara, ect.
by hailybaily November 30, 2010
noun, Derogitory term used to refer to a lesbian; commonly towards a lesbian with more masculine physical characteristics/mannerisms; Offensive to many people.
That woman is a dike.
by Matty N March 30, 2004
A kid from west haven who is on the swim team for it. Yes his first name is really Dike. his parents were on heroin when they named him, probably after his mother because she is a secret "Dyke". he is a fucking moron senior, and he likes a freshman, whats up with that. i hate this kid more than anything in the whole world. im out to go kick his ass.
I fucking hate dike's guts.
by Bob Pimer January 05, 2005
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