1: a massive wall used to hold back water, such as those used in Holland to reclaim farmland.
2: an igneous intrusion cutting through layers of older rocks.
3: alternate spelling of 'dyke', referring to a woman whose sexual preference is exclusively other women. See also 'lesbian'.
'I learned about the dikes they use in the Netherlands to keep the ocean from making a seafloor out of their farmlands.'
by wikkid May 08, 2003
A wire cutting tool used to snip or cut phone line or 50ohm cable wires from the cable company. The tool has two very strong tempered edged blades and comes in small and large sizes. The blades are not razor sharp just very stout and heavy.
Hey man could you hand me those pair of dikes?

I am going to dike off service from the house.

I need to dike these wires off over here.
by Wajit April 15, 2009
actually the dictionary says it can be spelled with either an "i" or a "y", especially when dealing with slang, people can spell a word with a made up meaning however they want.
"this dike puts up a good fight"
by elmzo August 20, 2006
Dikes protect the crops and plants when it rains, the rain that fall but is rejected by the dike the water will go to a pit or a hole to where it creates a puddle and they will eventually use that water.
The Sumerians built dikes to protect their crop and plants.
by Fruity_Tooty November 30, 2015
An idiot who thinks dike and lesbian are the same

Dike is not spelled dyke, and it does not mean lesbian. Dike is a geology term and dyke means nothing.
Woah she's such a dike
by marsexo March 24, 2013
Old Old Old Time word for a ditch (apparently)
Not to be confused with dyke which means lesbian..
That fucktard over there just fell in a dike?

(if this ^^ was dyke...

by Fucktarded Scarecrow November 18, 2009
A large vertical igneous intrustion.
Hey check out that dike!

WOW shes a beaut!
by Haywood Jablowme December 11, 2003
Dike is the Greek goddess of moral justice.
Dike is the Greek goddess of moral justice. No real example.
by The Captain January 11, 2005

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