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The game "20 Questions'" definition of a penis.
Jerry: I played 20 Questions and tried to fool it by doing the word, penis. LMAO it guessed a dik dik!

Ann: The word penis disgusts me. In a situation where the male reproductive system is used, I would much rather use the word, dik dik.
by Emas Diez July 04, 2006
the cutest animal ever! looks like a mini deer but 100 times cuter.
featured in Madagascar 2.

I want a dik dik for a pet.
by dikdiklover January 25, 2009
A dik-dik is a miniature pygmy antelope with a pointed snout, large eyes and a duiker-like head.
Most dik-diks are nocturnal, especially on clear moonlit nights. Serengeti dik-diks, for example, rest only five hours at night, then spend the remaining time browsing for food and then sleep for most of the daylight hours.
by Dino April 17, 2005
A species of antelope indigenous to Africa, whose skin is a potent qualude when smoked.
This pelt is sweet!
by Hellno Bitchcake March 30, 2004
Originated from the video game character dik dik van dik in ultimate muscle. Quite possibly the best phrase in human history. It should be said often and with enthusiasm.
...Its dik dik time!!!...but when is it not...good times
by Pistol Starta February 13, 2004
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