similar to dick, but with added abusive tone
Chris, you're such a dik
by Rob P March 27, 2003
similar to the word dude
"what's up dik?"

"dik, what are you doing?"
by tpmpc April 19, 2007
when someone makes a typo when writing idk

also means penis
Mary: what would go well with my skirt?
John: dik
John: *idk
Mary: *slaps with purse*
by hungryhungryhippo5132 November 04, 2010
Shortened meaning of the word Dick.

Refering to the males genital organ, the penis.
My dik got big when i saw that porno.

Josh's dik is only 2 centimeters long.

A female doctor gave me my physical, and my dik got big.

by Ryan B. (Apple Oinker) August 11, 2008

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