a small ass that fucks chickens and sheep
oh dihi put your middle finger in my browneye
by stuart thomson December 12, 2003
Top Definition
a unicorn that will one day rule the world.
he prances around chanting dihi dihi dihi in dumbfounded voice but you beware of him.
Dihi backed by his secret agents, megan kira and krista, sprung into action and hunted down magichorn.
by ilovejb1 July 10, 2008
he sucks because he is small and punie. he often gets shouted at in classes for not doing anything especialy homework
gay ha ha
by justin November 21, 2003
a small boy called dihi
and punie
by justin davis September 12, 2003
a small reject who ways 5 stone and can fit into a PE locker. A midget who has sex with his little bigger than him sister
sad gay bastard
by andrew stevenson November 21, 2003
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